This time I will discuss about the precious stones from the Moluccas of Indonesia, this beautiful stone can not get all over the place in this world . This stone undergo various processes long before it became beautiful jewelry

The world is not all places contain gemstones. In Indonesia, only a few places that contain gemstones, among others, in the province of Banten with Kalimayanya, in Lampung with rock types and kinds of charming wine chrysolite, on the island of Borneo with Kecubungnya (amethys) and diamonds (diamonds). Gemstone with names ranging from letters a through z are classified according to the known hardness Mohs Scale of 1 to 10. Jewel of the most popular in the world is the crystalline that in addition to the type of precious stones such as diamonds, Emerald, Ruby and Sapphire, on Rock agate type of wine such as Blue Sky, bungur or amethyst from Tanjung Bintang, Lampung currently much in a hurry by collectors because of its crystalline quality.

In Indonesia currently booming use of precious stones, among many of the most expensive precious stones are stone Bacan. One type of agate are much sought after by fans of precious stones are stones Bacan. Bacan is so special stone, he still continues to proceed and 'live' absorb energy around him. No wonder stone became one of the natural riches of North Maluku is sold at a high price.

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Bacan itself said to have originated from the name of an island in the Moluccas, once a royal throne. Because the origin of rocks famous Bacan beautiful kingdom to foreign countries, it is up to the region of origin of rock now still being hunted and used as a collection.

One is owned by the former President of Indonesia Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono. The news that blow among lovers of Bacan, rocks belonging to Mr Yudhoyono was rare that is of the type Bacan doko so priced around 3 billion price. The existence of the original Bacan Maluku until now dwindle and become quite rare because it has been exploited since the Middle Ages.

Bacan original will be able to continue to proceed even though it would be used as a ring or jewelry. For example, if Bacan juxtaposed with gold binding, then it will absorb the gold particles, so that over time in Bacan will look small gold particles. Bacan crystallization process also continues, the longer it will be more clear and sparkling. It usually occurs in Bacan doko types. No wonder this privilege cause Bacan increasingly sought after and prices getting jumped.


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